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AudioTX Capture is very simple to use - try it for yourself with our FREE 30 day demo version

Here are some of the most common questions, but do email us if you can't find an answer here!


What is AudioTX CAPTURE? Is it a kind of ISDN Codec?

The answer is kind of yes and no(!). To use AudioTX Capture, you install the software and a compatible ISDN card on a PC, and connect it directly to an ISDN line.

When someone calls in with a standard ISDN codec - like a CDQ Prima, a Telos Zephyr, a Glensound etc (or even our own AudioTX Communicator codec!) - their codec will think it's connecting to a real ISDN codec. The caller then hears a short greeting and can play the audio they want to send at their end. AudioTX Capture records the audio direct to disk and stores it in an Inbox on-screen. It can also be set up to automatically email the audio to a single address or a list, and/or copy it to a location on your network. You can set up different email addresses or network locations for each MSN (separate telephone number) on your ISDN line.

You can then play the audio back directly from:

  • The Inbox (if you have a soundcard in the PC)
  • The email you receive or the network location
  • Or open it in your favourite audio editing software or a playout system.
  • The audio is recorded in Broadcast WAV (.wav files, playable also in Media Player) or native MPEG format (.mp2 or .mp3 files).

Capture is designed to record audio from the remote codec - it's not a live codec itself. If that's what you are looking for, take a look at our AudioTX Communicator Product - both Capture and Communicator can be installed on the same PC.

What are MSNs and how does Capture work with multiple MSNs?

When you have an ISDN line installed, you will generally be given either one or two telephone numbers depending on your provider. You can ask for extra numbers to be added to your lines - all the numbers you have on your single ISDN line are MSNs.

What this means in practice for Capture is that you can tell the software to answer one or more MSNs and then do different things with the audio. Here's an example:

  • Capture is installed on a PC in a radio station, and a single installation is to take in audio for both news and sport
  • You can give the news correspondents one MSN number to dial and the sports reporters a different MSN number.
  • You can then setup Capture so that when audio comes in for news, it is emailed to all newsroom staff, and when it's for sport, it's emailed to, say, the duty sports presenters.

You can set up as many different MSNs and actions as you like, or you can tell Capture to answer all calls and treat them all the same way.

How does Capture work in terms of sending the audio by email or copying it to network places?

You can set this behaviour in two ways:

  1. Answer all calls and treat all the same
  2. Answer a list of MSN numbers only and treat each one differently

In each case, you specify an email address (or a list of addresses) or a network location where you want the audio to be copied to.

What ISDN codecs is Capture compatible with?

AudioTX Capture is compatible with all major brands of ISDN Codecs - including CDQ Prima, Telos Zephyr, Glensound, Dialog, Philips, Maycom, ISYS Pro and, of course, our own AudioTX Communicator ISDN codec.

Any codec that is compatible with the CDQ Prima or Telos Zephyr will also be compatible with AudioTX Capture.

Can AudioTX Capture take more than one call at a time?

Yes. AudioTX Capture is only limited by your ISDN line. So, for example, if the incoming connection is a single channel (64kbps) call, Capture still has one line available to take another separate single channel connection at the same time.

What about taking audio from telephones - e.g. a reporter with his mobile?

Capture is also able to answer calls from ordinary and mobile telephones. These are referred to as G.711 telephony and are treated in exactly the same way as calls from ISDN Codecs.

What limitations are there in the trial version?

The trial version runs for 30 days, and each time you start the application, it will run for one hour - you can then restart the program to continue testing. Additionally, each connection is randomly disconnected after between 3 and 30 minutes.

OK, I'm convinced... How do I buy it?

You can buy AudioTX Capture directly using our online ordering system.

The product is licensed by a Hardware dongle - The dongles are available in two versions - USB and LPT. Each is a small piece of plastic that connects to your PC or Laptop's USB or Printer port and must be in place whenever you use AudioTX Capture.


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