The Answering Machine for ISDN Codecs

Answers calls from ISDN codecs
records the audio - automatically!


No more waiting
around in studios...
    The efficient way to
                                   handle ISDN audio!


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Takes calls from ISDN Codecs and records the audio

Get it to the right person fast - via email or network

Import the Broadcast wav or MPEG files direct into your audio editor or playout system

Answers multiple MSNs and sends the audio to different people


The Answering Machine for ISDN Codecs

Connect AudioTX Capture to an ISDN line and it takes calls direct from ISDN Codecs and auto-records the audio ready for your use.

  • AudioTX Capture answers calls directly from all major ISDN codecs...
  • Callers hear a short welcome message and then send the audio.
  • AudioTX Capture records the audio directly, and digitally, to disk. It's stored in Capture's main Inbox.
  • You can set up Capture to copy audio that comes in anywhere on your network or even email it to you.
  • You don't need an ISDN codec attached to Capture - it answers the calls directly on your ISDN line.
  • All you need in your PC is a compatible ISDN card and the AudioTX Capture software...


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