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ISDN card compatibility information...

AudioTX Capture requires only a compatible ISDN card your PC.  You may also want to install a soundcard depending on how you plan to use the application.

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On this page, we have provided information on compatibility of ISDN cards and (optional) Sound cards for use with AudioTX Capture.

You will need an ISDN card that fully meets the CAPI 2.0 standard for ISDN... we can recommend and sell some very good and cheap ones below!

A sound card is only required if you want to play back the captured audio on the PC that you are running Capture on; most standard Windows Sound cards are compatible.


ISDN Card compatibility

Capture requires an ISDN card that fully meets the CAPI 2.0 ISDN specification. We have tested ISA, PCI, PCMCIA and USB cards by the three biggest manufacturers of PC ISDN hardware - and found these to be reliable and cheap (just £47 €75 $65 for a PCI card).

Our information on tested cards is shown on the AudioTX Communicator site, and you can also buy the ISDN cards that we recommend direct from us if you wish on that site. Click here to go to this information.

Optional Sound Card compatibility

You only need a soundcard if you wish to play back captured audio from the Inbox of the PC that you run AudioTX Capture on. Any working Windows soundcard - a WAVE device - will work fine.

If you require a broadcast quality card, we have a number of tested models that we also sell on the AudioTX Communicator website... click here to see what's available.


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